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Commit to a Standard of Excellence

Commit to a Standard of Excellence

I was invited yesterday to speak with a group of commercial real estate brokers.

I was brought in at the end of their brokerage meeting.

I shared a short little story to help them understand how I can help them and how we can benefit one another.

And I shared a story going back to 2009.

It was the middle of the great recession.

It was the first time my personal income had dropped.

I remember looking around and being afraid.

Because quite frankly, it was my first market downturn, the first time my my personal income had ever dropped.

And I wasn't in a place yet where I understood these market cycles going up,
going down, and I just thought things always went up.

And so I've been training for that moment ever since.

My point here today is that when you commit to a standard of excellence in everything that you do.

It doesn't mean that you're always gonna win and that you're not going to have challenges, but first of all,

you're going to get resourceful and really start obsessing about ways that you can optimize your health,

your business,

how you're showing up at home with relationships and it starts to compound.

And so committing to that standard of excellence, I think is so vital.

To free you up.

We're inundated, especially with everyone being on phones.

We have social media.

There's a lot of noise out there.

And so being able to have standards that you set, a vision of where you are headed, of what success looks like for you.

That's how you can really start to move the needle.

And no matter the market circumstance, again, we can't control the external, but we can certainly control the internal.

So that's my message.

I want you to commit today to living up and creating that standard of excellence for you,
your business, and everything that you do.

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